Our Tribe

Robin manages the team efficiently, and she is highly adept in the 'business of business' which is sorely needed in these financial times.

-Ivan Suvanjieff
President, PeaceJam Foundation

“This video thing is gonna be huge.”

Robin Bond Media is a boutique of passionate filmmakers who love good old-fashioned storytelling. Leading the team is Executive Producer Robin Bond, who started doing this video production thing in the late ’80s when tapes were big, VCRs were cool, and few people really understood WHY they would need a video. Since then, she and her illustrious team have worked with Fortune 500 companies, broadcast television outlets, ad agencies, non-profits, government agencies and PR firms. Along the way, they’ve picked up Emmy’s, Telly’s, compliments and many friends.

Some of our People

Robin Bond Executive Producer Video ProductionRobin Bond

Executive Producer / Writer / Filmmaker

“Truly Curious About Your Story”
Robin can’t help herself, she’s curious. Whether she’s shooting a commercial video production, frequenting a school function, or filming a documentary, she’s endlessly fascinated with the stories of human beings and how to get them told. “It’s not just that life is stranger than fiction. It’s endlessly more fascinating, the things we humans do, and the stuff we’re passionate about.” Robin is passionate about a lot of things, from her family to her video production projects.

Walt Padgett Video EditorWalt Padgett

Video Editor

“From Coast to Coast, An Amazing Editor”
Maybe it’s serendipity, but Robin knew of Walt’s adept editing skills 20 years ago when both filmmakers were cutting their teeth in Washington, D.C. Walt had the same stellar reputation that he does now, especially among the savvy ad agencies and corporate clients who have always been lined up around the block to edit with him. Plus he’s a joy to hang out with, not something we take lightly, since often a video production client will be sitting with the editor for 8 + hours a day.

Ron Patrick Producer / Business Development Ron Patrick

Producer / Business Development / Social Media 

“The Connector”
Ron is well-versed in the ART of video production, business development and music creation. We jest by saying he is a “recovering musician”…  but it’s just that talent for understanding music and people that makes Ron an exceptional communicator.  At Robin Bond Media, Ron wears multiple hats developing various client projects and independent films.  His ability to connect people to resources – and to each other – makes him the guy you want to know.  Let’s just say, he knows people.

DaveDave Wruck

Video Editor / Filmmaker / Composer 

“100% Artistic Integrity”
Whether he’s trekking the world documenting the work of Nobel Peace Laureates for Peace Jam, visiting the Dalai Lama at his private residence in exile in India, or editing a documentary about jazz music, Dave is 100% committed to his subjects. His integrity and unmatched talent (really, he can do things visually and with audio that just aren’t natural) lead him to go to the mat every time — for his film subjects and for the artistry of his craft within video production.

Good story. Well told.
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