An Ode to Juliette

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An Ode to Juliette

I’m not easily impressed.�

I truly don’t care who knows who in Hollywood.� We all put our pants on one leg at a time, right?� And if reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that anyone (Bethenny Frankel, The Situation, the cast of The Bachelor) can become a “star” – by some definitions – overnight.���

That being said, I find myself feeling pretty impressed after our crew’s recent shoot with screen actress / musician Juliette Lewis, for our forthcoming documentary film Derby, Baby!� And I’m not just impressed because she’s smart and articulate and thoughtful, which you would expect from the talented actress who brought us complex characters in� movies like Conviction, Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear and Kalifornia.

I’m impressed because Juliette is kind and warm and funny and everything you would hope from the girl who brought us the lovable “Becky” in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

During Juliette’s interview and voice-over session for Derby, Baby! — whether the cameras were on or off — Juliette spoke enthusiastically about her love for music (her band is Juliette Lewis and the New Romantiques) and the fans who come to see her perform live.� She mentioned casually that she had just come from an ADR session for the TV version of her movie Due Date (dubbing over the bad words) and spoke fondly about the cast she’s working with on her current TV project, The Firm.� Most relevant to our roller derby film, however, was her obvious love for/understanding of the culture of women’s roller derby, and the women who have helped make it the fastest growing sport in the world.�

I first began dreaming of featuring Juliette in Derby, Baby! almost two years ago when my daughters and I saw the Drew Barrymore film Whip It, in which Juliette plays the hardened “rock star” of the sport, threatened by a teenage newcomer (Ellen Page) who rapidly rises to roller derby fame and glory.� As my filmmaking partner Dave Wruck and I delved deeper into the roller derby story, the topics of real-life derby “rock stars” and female jealousies became recurring themes, which kept bringing us back to our dream of somehow featuring Juliette in the film.�

But it was our film’s pervasive themes of girl power, self-expressionism, unapologetic femininity and physical toughness that made Juliette – not just her Whip It character – the perfect narrator for this film.� (And if she would do an on-camera interview?� That would be icing on the cake!)

How this all came to pass is another story, and is — in large part — thanks to our esteemed Marketing Guy, Ron Patrick.� Suffice it to say, Mission Accomplished.� Juliette’s participation in our film is the perfect fit.� And our team is truly impressed.� Thank you, Juliette.�

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