BioScience for the Rest of Us (Medical videos maybe?)

September 19, 2012 | Comments (0) | | Category: Forward This Marketing with Video Media, News & Press

Robin Bond Media medical videos was honored to be in the company of lots ‘o’ smart folks at BioWest 2012 last week, including former CNBC newsman Mike Huckman and the brilliant inventors and scientists who competed for the BioWest Showcase grand prize.

While RBM was there to schmooze and exhibit our medical videos demo on the trade show floor, we got to absorb some of the sage wisdom all around us.  My takeaway was this:  More than ever, there is a synergy – a mutual need – between those of us who trade in words, and the brilliant minds who create and deliver live-saving devices and services. Without marketing, life-saving new drugs and medical devices may never get their stories told; without the inventors, scientists and manufacturers, we marketers would be, well… I shudder to think.

Huckman’s keynote speech “Getting Your Story Told” talked about the importance of getting your organization’s story out there, no matter what you design, build, manufacture or sell.  In summary:

1. Don’t use nerd-speak.  (Every industry has their jargon.)

2. Pay attention to the look and feel of your online presence. (Medical videos maybe?)

3. Find and use your own voice.  CEOS, chemists, inventors, marketers:  Don’t be afraid to show a little personality!

4. Go for own-able media.  Don’t wait for the press to find you: create your own content, news items and feature stories.  (I’m thinking MEDICAL VIDEOs is the way to go:)

5.  Get help from an expert.

BioWest 2012 culminated in the Showcase Award going to VetDC, which “reverse-engineers” promising new human technologies to address serious conditions in our pets, including cancer.  Which made us non-academics go “aaawwwwww, puppies.”

(BTW, if any of items 1-5 resonate with you, give us a call!  We’d love to put you and your cool product on our medical video project planning list!)

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