Cheap video production can be soooo expensive.

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Cheap video production can be soooo expensive.

Cheap video production can be soooo expensive.

Case in point:  Terracycle’s bargain-basement infomercial went for long run time (30 minutes) and low production value.  The company that turns waste into affordable green products ended up spending $40k, including production and the media buy, with profits coming in at slightly more than $7,500.  Bummer.

Terracycle didn’t lose heart however, and their next direct-response ad will come in at a run time of around two minutes and will communicate “an amazing unbeatable value on something unusual that will solve a problem.”

What did Terracycle learn:
–    When it comes to run time, less is more!
–    When it comes to production quality, more is more.
–    When it comes to communicating benefits:  Be Clear and Solve a Problem.

See the original article from New York Times / The Art of Running a Small Business
“Why We’re Trying Another Infomercial” :

See the first infomercial made by Terracycle… (We did NOT produce this at RBM) It was WAY too long and had no real production value to speak of. This is great example of “What NOT to do” :

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