Corporate Video Hot off the Google press: Video is THE WAY to Reach the C-Level

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Corporate Video Hot off Google press: Video is THE WAY to Reach the C-Level

“If you’re a B2B marketer and you’re trying to reach the C-suite, video is a great way to go,” said Mike Miller of Google in a recent interview with  Read article here: “Google Points to Major Trends in B2B Space”

At Robin Bond Media, we’ve long suspected that C-video would become the rage, having cut our teeth on making videos for big-money IPOs in the 80’s and 90’s.  Any medium that could access emotions AND bank accounts on the million-dollar level had to become popular eventually.  Right?

That day is finally here, and we love the validation from those truly in the know!  No time to read this article? Here are the bullet points when it comes to corporate video and social video for c-level audience:

  1. The Biggest Challenge for Corporate Marketers:  How to keep up.  (Robin Bond Media can advise you on this when it comes to corporate video – no charge.)
  2. Seismic Shift in the Selling Process:  “By the time a B2B purchaser actually engages with a company or with a sales rep from that company, they’re 57% of the way through their decision process.”  (Robin Bond Media can help you make your case to your C-audience quickly, using great video.)
  3. Circle of Influence:  “While the C-level executive might not be the one making the final purchase, they are consuming that video and thereby influencing the purchase.”  ‘Nuff said.
  4. To target REPEAT customers, companies have to go social.  (Doing social video the right way doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.  Call or email us. )


Corporate Video / CEO Video shoot for OPSEC

Corporate Video / CEO Video shoot for OPSEC

Take a look at some of the C-focused videos Robin Bond Media has created recently for our clients:

CEO Video for OPSEC. Target Audience:  CEOs, CTOs, etc.

CEO Video for CBSA. Target Audience: CEOs, etc.

Corporate Video LSI. Target audience:  CTOs

These video series’ include both consumer and business-facing videos:  Video Web Series’

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