Good, Fast or Cheap: Pick 2 when Planning your 2013 Corporate Video Production

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There is a well-known but oft-forgotten secret about corporate video production. It involves How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck.  “Good, Fast or Cheap: Pick 2” was one of my favorite sayings when I was new to the video production industry. And today, GFC still holds true. Granted, at Robin Bond Media we think that ALL of our client productions are good. That’s non-negotiable. But with some productions we say, “That looks great, especially considering the budget.”  Or, “That looks amazing, especially considering we did it in 48 hours.”  The relative goodness or quality of a video production is almost always considered in terms of Time or Money. That’s why award shows require us to enter productions according to budget categories, right?

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

But what can we do when a client comes to us with a really cool product that they spent $$$$ to research and develop, but now have less than one $ to make a video or TV commercial to market it? (OR alternately, they have a reasonable budget – but they need it for a trade show this Thursday.)

I guess we could always say “Bummer dude, that sucks for you.” But we don’t. We see it as a challenge, much like a TV game show where you’re given $50.00, some random props, and 2 days with which to make an interesting film. We make it work. And we make it good. Because, to repeat myself redundantly, Good is non-negotiable. And when choosing between Fast or Cheap, clients often pick Cheap. Not because they don’t WANT it to look like a Microsoft commercial. But because that’s all that’s in their budget. Apparently, video wasn’t top-of-mind several months ago when their product marketing budgets were written. So that leaves the variable of TIME. They need something good, and they don’t have a lot of money.  BUT the good news is… the trade show isn’t for three months. Hallelujah! That means our team will talk about this new client project in our next planning meeting, and assign the best folks to start working on it during the next opening in the video production schedule.  In the meantime, our team at Robin Bond Media will challenge each other to come up with the best creative for the client’s brand and we’ll head that direction. No hysteria. No last-minute surprises for anyone.

We know you can’t always anticipate when you’re going to need a corporate video. But think about that trade show that happens every winter, the investor road show you’re planning for the spring, and the new product or web site scheduled to launch this summer. Chances are, you’ll need a corporate video.

And if the CEO comes to you tomorrow morning and says you need a low-cost, high-quality corporate video on your website by this Friday, give us a call anyway. Creative solutions are our job, and we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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