Corporate Video Production: When to Hire Professionals and When to Go D-I-Y

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Corporate Video Production: When to Hire Professionals and When to Go D-I-Y

Note – When we first posted this blog,  I promised to share MY own DIY video, which is our first official video blog.  Filmed by, directed by, and starring me.  Read on, and it will all make sense…

Corporate Video Production is rarely a one-person endeavor.  It takes a diverse team.

If someone in the video / film production industry asked what my “role” is in the creative process, I would call myself a Writer-based Producer.  That means I like to take an idea, build a story around it, and express that story so that it connects to the audience in a hooky or emotional way.  Along with my crack filmmaking team, I then apply the assigned resources (client budget and available time) to bring that to life in moving pictures.  I love that we have a brilliant team of HIGHLY SPECIALIZED artists at Robin Bond Media:  Our editors don’t shoot, our shooters don’t edit, and our PAs don’t create motion graphics.  (Ours is a traditional commercial production model; with the increasing accessibility of tools & technology, kids coming out of school today “do it all” but, call me old-school, I’m not buying it.  I will always contend that these individual skill sets reside in slightly different parts of the brain.)

Corporate Video Production

Skill sets reside in different parts of the brain.

That said, I am OF COURSE not a video editor, nor a graphic designer.  And I’m definitely not a camera person. So why would I ever shoot my own video?

( Click here to see the video version of this blog: Robin Bond Media Vlog )

There are MANY types of corporate video production messages that REQUIRE a professional crew.  In fact, that is what the business model of Robin Bond Media is wholly based on.  Here are a few examples of when you should hire a professional corporate video production company for video success:

1. Product Marketing Videos and TV Commercials. This is not the moment to DIY (do-it-yourself) the video.  The subtext of any product marketing video is this:   “We are a quality company creating a quality product.  Here is why you should buy it.”  A quality video conveys a quality product.  Plus.. you spent money developing this amazing new widget you’re selling.  Why wouldn’t you spend money to market it?

2. Employee Welcome Videos and Employee Orientation videos.  If you’re going to show the new hire a “home video” of the CEO welcoming a new employee to the company, that CEO would be better off just doing in it in person.

3. Corporate Training Videos.  I added the word “corporate” because truthfully, when I need to watch a YouTube Video on how to do a new type of hair-do for my daughter’s ballet competition, a home video will do just fine, as long as the video and audio are clear enough for me to grasp the concept.  But when I buy the latest Apple product or accounting software, I expect and need a professionally produced training video.  That was the reason I paid more in the first place, right?

Corporate Video Production

Green Screen Corporate Video Production


Here are some types of Corporate Videos where you might get away with creating it yourself.  (I say MIGHT because if the technical quality sucks, and/or there is no story, all bets are off.)

1.  A Day-in-the-life or Behind-the-scenes Video.  Here is one of my favorites:   (See Video)

In the interest of full disclosure, this guy IS a video producer, so his DIY video is pretty coherent, and the audio is good.  Remember EVERY video – no matter who shoots it – needs to have a story.

Here’s an example of a “Hybrid” Day-in-the-life video.  This is a “DIY” video from my past life that our camera crew “helped along” with some professional intervention.  The feeling that the owner shot it himself lends to the authenticity of the story, I think.  Effective, yet still cost-conscious.  (See Video

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a Day-in-the-life video that was created professionally:  (See Video)

2.  Timely video messages to customers or shareholders.

3.  Crisis videos, or anything that has to be delivered immediately, online or on TV.

4.  Video Blogs.  Here are a few tips for DIY video blogs:

  • Be yourself
  • Make it obvious that this is impromptu; you’re not trying to be the next Steven Spielberg.
  • Be passionate.
  • Being funny never hurts either.
Robin Bond Media Video Blog

Robin Bond Media Video Blog

What you’ve read here is just our 2 cents re: when to go DIY and when to go pro in Corporate Video Production. The debate over audiences’ appetite for professional vs. home-grown video rages on between Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Disney Interactive co-president Jimmy Pitaro, heard recently at the Digital Content NewFronts.  “Quality content has never been more important,” said Pitaro,…. “consumers are inundated with low-quality experiences, unfulfilling for them and for brands trying to reach them.”  Get the full story:  ( The New York Times article:  “Online Video & Street Cred  -vs- Quality”

Thanks for viewing my example of DIY video: Robin Bond Media Video Blog .

And contact us to create your professional corporate video production, or to chat about your DIY video blog!


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    Thanks for featuring the old Customer Reference videos we did for Qwest. They did end up with a good hybrid. That was a good time! Keep up the great work, Robin! Hope to work with you again.

    – Doug

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