Crowdfunding Dreams: Robin Bond Joins Kickstarter Panel June 17

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Crowdfunding Dreams: Robin Bond Joins Kickstarter Panel June 17

Crowdfunding Dreams: Robin Bond Joins Panel for Kickstarter’s June 17 Crowdfunding Event in Denver

In 2012, yours truly and filmmaking partners Ron Patrick and Dave Wruck successfully funded the completion of our documentary film Derby, Baby!, via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.  By executing a 30-day, social media-fueled crowdfunding campaign, we managed to raise 269% of our funding goal, allowing us to finish and distribute our film about the international women’s roller derby phenomenon.

As a result of that successful campaign, Victoria Rogers of Kickstarter and the Denver Film Society have invited us to join the panel at the “Fundraising with Kickstarter” event next Tuesday, June 17, at 7 PM at the Sie Film Center in Denver.  Two other panelists and I will discuss our successful campaigns and strategies. If you’ve ever been curious about crowdfunding any type of project, this panel will share basic principles that are relevant to all types of endeavors, not just film.  Specific topics will include how to set the right funding goals, designing “rewards,” setting reward levels, and outreach strategies.

crowdfunding kickstarter

We’re especially excited because it seems everyone is getting in on crowdfunding.  Tighter bank lending practices and a sluggish economy have made crowdfunding a no-brainer for budding entrepreneurs who can think strategically about marketing and social media.  Even actors like Don Cheadle announced recently that he’s launching a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to fund a Miles Davis biopic called Miles Ahead in which he will star, write and direct.

"Miles Ahead" Video Teaser featuring Don Cheadle

“Miles Ahead” Video Teaser featuring Don Cheadle

And Robin Bond Media is currently working with education technology start-up on the marketing videos for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Ken Burns speaks enthusiastically about this new up & coming history platform.

If you’ve ever thought about using crowdfunding to raise money for your dream project — a movie, a business, a charitable venture — there is a crowdfunding platform out there just for you. (Heck, it turns out you can even crowdfund a new crowdfunding business.)  The last tally I saw estimated that there are now at least 1,000 crowdfunding sites out there, and that number is sure to increase as more folks start to understand new provisions under the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act).  The JOBS Act removes an 80-year ban on what’s called “general solicitation”, which is the act of publicly advertising that you are seeking funding.  Now that the ban has been lifted, entrepreneurs can legally advertise their funding efforts.


What is JOBS act??

Regulations around “equity crowdfunding” are also in flux.  That is…  crowd funding that sells equity in your business or venture (rather than rewards) in exchange for cash donations.  Current Securities and Exchange Commission rules allow entrepreneurs to ONLY raise money from accredited investors via equity crowdfunding; however, the SEC is in the process of creating rules that will enable entrepreneurs to raise money from nonprofessional investors as well.

We’ll wrap up here, with a few startling statistics about crowdfunding, courtesy of an article this week on

  • More than $57,000 is pledged to a crowdfunding campaign somewhere in the world every hour of every day.
  • The five most popular categories of successful crowdfunding campaigns are gaming, technology, design, film and music.
  • Rewards-based campaigns on Kickstarter successfully fund 42.8 percent of the time. On Indiegogo, the success rate is 14.4 percent.
  • The average number of backers of a successful Kickstarter campaign is 255.
  • An average of 325 new crowdfunding campaigns launch every day.

We hope you’ll join us at the “Fundraising with Kickstarter” event on Tuesday, June, 17 in Denver.


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