Crowdfunding Videos Breaking News: Crowdfunding Videos Funding Scientific Research

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Crowdfunding Videos Breaking News: Crowdfunding Videos Funding Scientific Research: This has been a big week for news about the Scientific Research Funding.  First, NPR shared with us stories of innovative young scientists who – unable to get hold of federal grant money – have turned to Crowdfunding to fund their important medical and scientific research.  Then, Mark Zuckerberg and Friends announced they are bestowing multiple $3 million prizes on scientists seeking cures for intractable diseases.

First, the NPR Crowdfunding story:  In case you haven’t heard of it, Crowdfunding is a way for an entrepreneur, inventor, or any group or individual to solicit relatively modest contributions from a large group of individuals. The challenge is to convince enough people to contribute so that a target figure is reached.

I don’t know the statistics, but Crowdfunding has funded many a Good Idea (and Bad Idea too) in the past year or two, present company included. (We secured funding for a Good Idea, not a Bad Idea.)  This notion of pitching and raising money for a startup idea isn’t new to business-minded folks; however, it can be uncharted waters for many a scientist.  While scientists are great at delivering data, all the data in the world can’t move hearts and minds like a Great Crowdfunding Pitch Video also known as a Startup Video.  Study after study show that it is the Crowdfunding Videos that potential funders go to first, second, and last to make their decision to support or not support a particular cause, project, or business idea.

“How to Tell a Good Story” apparently isn’t one the classes they teach in Science School.  At least not according to scientist Jai Ranganathan, whose goal is to “change the culture of science to one where scientists are reaching out to the public.”  In the meantime, he says, there ARE a few bright “selling scientists” who are managing to make topics like “the evolution of E. coli in mouse guts” sound so exciting and necessary that Joe Six-pack at home is pledging his beer money just to keep the project rolling.

Here’s an example of a group of young scientists who got their Crowdfunding Pitch Video right and raised $351,193 of their $100,000 goal.  More proof that Crowd-funding is thus far the most accurate monetary measure of the Effectiveness of Video.

That said, if you’re a scientific genius who isn’t a natural “huckster,” you can either: (A) call Robin Bond Media so we can help bring your story to life on video; or (B) pray for a shot at one of Zuckerberg’s $3 million prizes!

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