A “KISS” for the Presidential Candidates in the Debate Tonight.

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The debates are tonight, and we suspect that Obama and Romney have been getting some last-minute media training.  And we HOPE that they are committing to their Key Messages.  I’m no expert in media training but I DO know that most every CEO Robin Bond Media has ever interviewed, or filmed in a direct-to-camera message, has had consult from their PR / marketing person re: their Key Messages.

Granted these CEOs in front of the camera are acting alone.  They are not sitting there with another CEO poised to dismantle every claim and a Timekeeper/Referee rattling their nerves. (I’m talking about the Romney vs. Crawley – I mean the Romney vs. Obama debate.)

STILL, the rules for success are strikingly similar for the CEO talking to his or her audience, and the presidential debate.  Here are 3 rules for CEOs and Candidates alike:

Rule 1 – KISS:  Keep it Simple Stupid – We’re not saying that CEOs, presidential candidates, nor the American public are stupid. (Uh, never mind that last one.)

Rule 2 – Get Sticky: Obama coined the term “Romnesia” in a recent speech and that video has been viewed close to 1 million times!  Don’t be afraid to make up words.  (George W. Bush was a master at this.)  Humor helps too.  But seriously, see how people glommed onto the term “Romnesia”?  It’s sticky, memorable.  If the audience remembers only one thing about that speech, they will remember the charge that Romney “forgot” his original statement.

Rule 3 – Try to stick to 3 Key Messages: Say what you’re going to say, Say it, Say what you said.  3 bullets, mentioned 3 times.

I actually have more than 3 rules for effective corporate messaging, which I will have to write in another blog, lest I break my own Rules of 3s.  If I DID have a Number 4 it would be “Brevity is the Soul of Wit,”  and Number 5 would be “Everyone Loves a Good Story.”  But I picked just 3.  My time is up.  I leave you with a great video example of succinct messaging.  It’s not a CEO but it IS a Ted Talk.  3 things, delivered in 7 minutes.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpxVIwCbBK0

This article is not meant as an endorsement of any candidate in tonight’s debate nor a political party by Robin Bond Media.  Follow our efforts and updates on Robin Bond Media Facebook and Twitter.

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