Don’t Watch Videos, Listen To Them: The Role of Audio in Videos and Film

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Don’t Watch Videos, Listen To Them:  The Role of Audio in Videos and Film

We’re here at Robin Bond Media working on sound for a corporate event video for a large Colorado-based company, and we’re struck again by just how important sound audio is to film, video and television. Yet often it’s the neglected stepchild or ‘casualty’ of ever-shrinking production budgets.

Backing up this assertion is one of my favorite Ted Talk videos, about the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral effects of sound.   See TED Talk Video.              

Apparently all 4 of these effects can go positive or negative depending on how sound is being used. So.. what if every brand had a sound?  We know the big ones do:  Click here for the Top 10 most recognizable audio logos.  …and some of the lesser recognized ones :0)

Ted Talk Video

Ted Talk Video

If you don’t have 5 minutes to watch the Ted Talk video, here are the top 5 points to know about Sound:

1.  Music is the most powerful sound there is, especially in corporate video and TV commercials. BUT it needs to be used properly.

2.  We recognize AND associate music very quickly, many times in under 1 second.

3.  Of the 4 ways that sound affects us humans (physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral), that last one – behavioral – may be the most powerful. Sound can affect our driving and our spending habits! Think of the power given to us as brand owners if we can somehow influence behavior through the use of pleasant or unpleasant sound in our marketing videos and TV commercials.

4.  Employees are 1/3 as productive in open-plan offices. I knew it! It looks cool to have a dozen wired-up hipsters in the same wide-open space. But is anyone really getting anything done?

5.  A sonic ID is a hallmark of a strong brand.

Unpleasant Audio Sounds

Unpleasant Audio Sounds

One thing Julian Treasure doesn’t address in his Ted Talk is this: Why does sound bother me more as I get older? I’d rather drive nails into my eyes than walk into the girls clothing store, Justice. Sure, it’s aimed at young to pre-teenage girls. But who do they think is paying for this stuff? It’s me, standing in that long lines fantasizing about going postal. (I guess I need to be bringing my noise-cancelling headphones everywhere I go now.)

Re:  Point Number 5,  your organization needs a sonic brand!  Contact us for your sonic ID and music-driven marketing videos.  We can help empower your visual AND audio brand for you!

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BTW, we’d like your opinion on our audio logo / sonic ID.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it? Robin Bond Media Sonic ID


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