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Earth Day 2012: A simple video can move hearts and minds… in any direction you want. This Earth Day, maybe you think the planet is doing better, or maybe you think it’s not. Maybe you’re one of the folks who think global warming was a big hoax.

The truth is that no matter what you believe… video creates powerful messaging that gets your audience emotionally involved. Moving pictures with sound invoke emotion in a way that print simply cannot. This occurred to me long before Michael Moore began changing the outcomes of entire presidential elections with his masterful presentation (manipulation?) of data.  As a Journalism grad I took umbrage with anyone practicing irresponsible journalism, but I also applauded Moore’s cojones for using the medium of filmmaking to its fullest potential of persuasion. I want accurate data, presented scientifically, but I am simultaneously fascinated with the power of emotional storytelling to supersede the facts.

So the question is.. how do we use the power of video storytelling for Good and not Evil?  We think the answer is this: By putting a smile on a few more faces, helping to show that the glass is half-full.

Please take a minute to enjoyed our video ode to Mother Earth. Includes scenes filmed from our beloved clients including Pacific Gas & Electric, Rodney Strong Vineyards, the Regional Air Quality Council, Verona Living, and Mrs. Grossman’s Stickers. See video here:

And for those of you interested in the scientific data, here are some happy scientific facts:

What’s your story, soapbox, or point of view? Spread it with video!



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