A Good Investor Road Show Video Can Help Unlock Funding

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It seems like everyone is trying to raise money for their companies, whether it’s through an IPO, venture capital, or the hot new crowd-funding model that’s awaiting sign-off by the SEC.  While the field of companies vying for investor dollars is more crowded than ever, the tools for raising money are better than ever. Most significantly: no more “death by powerpoint” when it comes to your investor presentation. The era of the “Investor Road Show Video” is here, and it’s finally accessible to the masses — not just the well-heeled entrepreneur.

While not all of the Investor Videos below fall into the “economy” category, they each show production elements that can be emulated on a smaller scale for your Investor Video. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a Super Bowl commercial; some investors may actually want to see “elegant but needy.” In addition to the financial data, they’re looking for intangibles like credibility, intelligence, creativity, and innovation.

Investor Video

Our recent favorite is the Facebook Investor Road Show Video (which has mysteriously disappeared from the Web). Here’s a snapshot view of the slick, 31-minute movie that mixes the production qualities of a “Google” ad with the careful choreography of an “Apple” Product launch video. To watch the investor road show video click here.   Inc. Magazine also noticed how much this video rocked, and said it’s changing road shows forever. To watch their video click here.

It’s not the cheapest, but it definitely offers some inspiration. None of us have Facebook money. But if done correctly, your Road Show Video can hit the sweet spot for your audience, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money! The secret is elegant, succinct video storytelling to capture the MINDS and HEARTS of your audience. Yes, it turns out finance folks have hearts too. If you can tastefully tell your story in a credible, interesting, and factual way, you’re that much closer to your financial goals.

For fun, let’s look at how some of the bigger brands are using Investor Videos:

1.  CORNING: Of the “blank check” variety. To see CORNING Product Video click here .

2.  You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to build credibility with Money Folks. Check out Michael Dell touting the health and progressive culture of the company with real credibility: To see DELL investor video click here.

3.  Some companies like SAB Miller even have a video section on their investor page, and they seem to have a talk-show studio set up to produce updates on a regular basis. See video click here.

4.  GE’s investor videos look kind of like “Ted Talks.” (Although shorter is always good.) See video click here

5.  Oh yeah, having a cool product helps too!  Here’s a Crowdfunding Video for Kickstarter that helped raise almost 9 million dollars:  904% of their actual goal. See video click here

So contact us at Robin Bond Media BEFORE you embark on your next investor campaign! Let’s talk about making you a killer Road Show Video.


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