Juliette Lewis is Amazing! “Best of Best” Out-Takes in Derby Baby Documentary

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Juliette Lewis Narrates "Derby Baby!"

Juliette Lewis Narrates “Derby Baby!”

Juliette Lewis is amazing! With all the incredible footage we captured, “Derby Baby” could’ve been 4 hours long! But there are rules. So we pulled together the “best of best” out-takes and created lots of bonus features. Here are just a FEW of the bonus features our “Derby Baby” Blu-ray/DVD. Don’t wait. Pre-order your advance Blu-ray/DVD copy here: http://derbybaby.gostorego.com/

– Juliette Lewis in Toronto
– Femme Empowerment
– Dump Truck: The Man, the Myth, the Mouth
– RollerCon (extended version)
– Team USA/World Cup Tryouts
– Team New Zealand “Haka” at World Cup
– On the road with RMRG
– Jam City Rollergirls

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