Large Events like World Cup & Olympics Spawn Tech Products… and Product Videos

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Large Events like World Cup and Olympics Spawn New Generation of Tech Products… and Product Videos.

Large public events like the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games pose serious security challenges for countries around the world.  Security threats like terrorism, crime and protests are spawning a wave of new technology companies and products designed to keep public places safe.  And those new products are being marketed like crazy with product videos.

Depicts Biometric Scan Product Videos

Depicts Biometric Retinal Scan

Public safety is why the Israeli security intelligence company Verint Systems exists, and why they continually release new products for security intelligence. Recently, Verint Systems needed  product videos for the launch of their new situation management platform, Nextiva SMC.  Working closely with the client, Robin Bond Media used an artful blend of stock footage, music, voice-over narration and motion design to introduce the new product to an audience of technology experts.  The two-minute video is designed to be used at trade shows, on YouTube, and in sales presentations.

Of all the new product videos out there competing for our attention, our favorite world-cup-security-product-video is one that you’ve probably already seen on the NBC or CBS News.  (How brilliant is that – getting the news to play your commercial over and over again, for free?)

World Cup 2014: Security robots Product Videos

World Cup 2014: Security robots will patrol World Cup stadiums

The video shows Packbot robots patrolling the World Cup.  How cool is that?  Pretty soon we’ll be able to replace the audience with robots, too.

While the product videos below focus more on “lifestyle” than “security” we wanted to share a few of our recent favorites.

1.  GE is just one of the many firms using product videos to the hilt to demo and promote its technology products.  Here’s the promo for its “Spring Break” series that tested GE products in a social media video series that’s a cross between Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” series and “Mythbusters.”  Smart marketing, obviously targeted at a predominately male audience: GE Product Video.  (BTW, “Will it Blend?” scored almost 17 million views when it put an iPad in a blender.  Really?)

This GE “Spring Break” campaign only ran for one day across multiple channels, including Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn: GE Spring Break Campaign Video

2.  And don’t forget that master of product videos, Apple.  Apple Product Videos .  Their latest one-minute product videos tout iPhone apps that help you get in shape for everything from running and swimming to golf and,  of course, soccer.  Looks like Apple is jumping on the “World Cup” bandwagon, too:)

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