Love & Logic: “Yo Bob” One Sentence Intervention.

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Love & Logic: “Yo Bob” One Sentence Intervention.

Love & Logic: One Sentence Intervention. One of the many video modules from the Love & Logic video series produced by Robin Bond Media featuring discussions with Jim Fay and Dr. Charles Fay.Love and Logic is an organization and philosophy founded by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., based on the experience of a combined total of more than 75 years working with, and raising kids.
Parents want to enjoy their kids, have fun with them, and enjoy a less stressful family life. But even if their kids are trouble-free right now, they fear what the coming teenage years will bring.
At no time in history have parents been more unsure of their parental role. Even the best are not all that sure about whether they are using the best techniques. They say that their kids don’t appear to be much like the ones they knew in years past.
A lot of conflicting philosophies have been presented over the last 30 years. Many of these sound good, but don’t seem to do the job of helping children become respectful, responsible, and a joy to be around.
Many ideas, offered with the best of intentions, center around making sure that kids are comfortable and feeling good about themselves in order to have a good self- concept. However, we have discovered that self-confidence is achieved through struggle and achievement, not through someone telling you that you are number one. Self-confidence is not developed when kids are robbed of the opportunity to discover that they can indeed solve their own problems with caring adult guidance.
There is, however, an approach to raising kids that provides loving support from parents while at the same time expecting kids to be respectful and responsible. These Love & Logic videos can help you make this happen.

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