Making Effective Business-to-Business Videos: Share/Bookmark

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Making Effective Business-to-Business Videos: Share/Bookmark

Tailor the Message to Match the Audience.

At Robin Bond Media, we love using video to talk to corporate folks. Business-to-Business Videos (or B2B videos as we insiders call it) make us feel like we have a seat at the big-boys table.

Whether you’re using videos to get your company message to your shareholders, investors, retailers, or – as in the case of this video for Rodney Strong Vineyard – wine distributors, it’s important to know your audience and tailor your message specifically to them. We say it all the time, but we can’t say it enough: “Video is the best way to move hearts and minds!”

See our newest Rodney Strong Vineyard Video:

For your business’ constituency – those entities that make it possible for your business to exist and thrive – think more in terms of moving their “MINDS” than the “HEARTS” category. The goal is to get the response you want from them.�Whether your goal is to sell franchises, raise venture capital, sell your company to another company, excite shareholders, motivate your sales force, or engage the retailers and distributors who sell your product, remember these 4 things:

1 – Talk on your audience’s level. Don’t insult their intelligence with the “say and show” approach to video, which we’ve all seen a million times. Viewers are sophisticated. If you want to get inside of the minds of Fortune 500 CEOS, spend some time watching weekday-morning TV commercials on CNN, MSNBS and the like. Financial commercials, oil and gas companies, etc.� Those are the Big Boys talking to other Big Boys.

2 – Keep it short. Imagine your busiest day, and have some empathy for your viewer. The last thing a busy exec wants to see is a video longer than one minute. If I ruled the world, no video would exceed 45 seconds, and nobody would talk for more than 45 seconds at a time. Brevity IS the soul of wit.

3 – KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. (I’m not calling you stupid; that’s just how I learned the acronym in sales training.) Make your Call to Action clear and memorable. Include it in your video visually or aurally a couple of times, and DEFINITELY place the Call to Action at the end of your brief, clever video. You never know whether your viewer – like me – scrolls ahead to the end of every video.

4 – Know your different audiences. In the case of Rodney Strong Vineyards, the audience of folks who DRINK the wine is different from the folks who SELL the wine. Different audiences = different demographics, different motivations, different interests.

Check out this consumer-focussed video for Rodney Strong wines:

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