World Health Organization: “HALF of all vaccines were ruined”

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World Health Organization: “HALF of all vaccines were ruined”

Marketing Video created for American Airlines Cargo

Director Pete Schuermann created this brief informational marketing video for American Airlines Cargo, telling the (1:10) video story of the critical elements needed to deliver extremely sensitive medical cargo worldwide. American Airlines Cargo provides a crucial delivery service called “ExpediteTC” which guarantees 100% safe delivery of cutting edge pharmaceutical tests (for example) “on time” and “on temp” anywhere in the world. This video shows American Airlines Cargo safely transporting life enhancing, potentially life-saving pharmaceutical tests, using their trademarked “Envirotainer” shipping system from London, England to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Robin Bond Media team is also creating a new, more detailed mini-documentary version (15:00) for American Airlines. This marketing video tells a much more detailed, in-depth story; focusing on the professional expertise of the AA Cargo staff as they manage the critical elements needed to ship such valuable, life saving cargo. After all of our travels shooting video footage in New York City, London, Chicago and Dallas… we can definitely say first hand… American Airlines Cargo is making a true difference in the world.  Just read the following quote from the American Airlines Cargo website to get a small sense of how critically important American Airlines Cargo’s contribution actually is:

“There is a growing international demand for increasingly expensive pharma and biopharma products. Life-saving products like vaccines (a $35 billion market by 2015) are often temperature-sensitive, requiring temperature-controlled shipping from manufacturer to end user. With growing volume and cost-per-product, by 2014, $16 billion worth of biological and vaccine shipments will require temperature-controlled rooms during transit.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that as recently as 2005, nearly half of all vaccines were ruined in transit due to poor cold chain services. In a billion-dollar market, wasted product spells dwindling returns, to say nothing of the impact on world health. Effective cold chain shipping is therefore critical, particularly as pharma and biopharma cold chain shipments in established and emerging markets grow dramatically in the coming years.”

See Video:

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