Marketing Video: What to do when your CEO has a Face For Radio.

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Marketing Video: What to do when your CEO has a Face For Radio.

To put your CEO in your TV commercial / marketing video or not? That is the question.  It’s certainly a question that the producers of Kony 2012 are revisiting after director Jason Russell’s recent nude rant.

(In case you missed it, the mastermind who created the incredibly viral “Kony 2012” video was arrested a few weeks ago while running down a busy San Diego street naked, cursing, ranting about the devil, and doing some other unmentionables –

Assuming your CEO ISN’T in the midst of a nervous breakdown, there are other risks involved in having your CEO be the “face” of your brand. Here are a few things to consider when YOUR CEO insists on being in your company’s next TV commercial or marketing video.

1. He or she may have a “face for radio” (per our story title).

2. Much like some top athletes who endorse major consumer brands, he or she may have a momentary lapse of judgment that affects your brand’s reputation.  (Think Tiger Woods and Nike.Tiger Woods and GM.Tiger and Titleist, American Express, Accenture,and so on.)

3. He or she may have a low charisma factor. Your CEO’s presence may be considered by viewers to be “boring,” “tedious,” “dull” or “uninteresting” like the low-rated Sprint commercials featuring CEO Dane Hesse (which BTW, I liked. Maybe I ought to check my own charisma factor?). Judge for yourself:

4. Ability / power to commit to a consistent CEO-ad approach:  according to a new study from Ace Metrix, brands like Papa John’s and Samuel Adams that have stuck to “the CEO-as-front-man strategy” have scored highest among viewers.

5. Your CEO seems especially stressed out. Note: send stressed-out CEO on vacation or out for drinks to prevent Jason Russell-type nude breakdown.

Despite these potential pitfalls, CEO-starring ads actually perform better on average than other ads, according to the Ace Metrix study. I know I felt a certain simpatico with the Wendy’s brand when lovable founder Dave Thomas was first pimping the new “square burgers.”  But now that his daughter is stepped up to the camera?  I’m not feeling the some love.

Conversely, we think this CEO accurately represents his brand. Here is an example from our Robin Bond Media client archives:

Before you make this all-important decision, read the full article here about CEO-as-spokesperson:



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