Who IS that Doctor that I am trusting with my life?

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Doctor Profile Medical Video can help answer a patients most obvious questions: “Who IS that person that I am trusting with my life?” Doctors are people too, it turns out. And some of them are even interesting people and funny people. People with real lives and families. And now, you can scrutinize them online before choosing one, much like I imagine those dating web sites must work. After all, nobody would want to go on a date with someone who smells like hot trash and looks like Attila the Hun. But we are often forced to go blindly into a relationship with a surgeon who could determine our health, our recovery time, and sometimes even our fate.

Thank goodness for online medical video. And thank goodness hospitals are staring to use them to help frightened patients make one of the most important decisions of their lives.
More and more practices and hospitals are adding medical video of their physicians to their physician profile pages, according to an article in American Medical News: www.ama-assn.org/amednews/2011/08/22/bica0822.htm “That’s really key, because you start to get some of that emotion and personality… as opposed to just a few lines of text and a phone number,” says one digital marketing expert.

Check out a few of our favorite doctors at Porter Robotics Institute, filmed By Robin Bond Media on location at Porter Hospital and The Urology Center of Colorado.

Dr. Juan Montoya video: www.robinbondmedia.com/video/dr-juan-montoya

Dr. Mandi Beman video: www.robinbondmedia.com/video/dr-mandi-beman

Dr. Warren Kortz video: www.robinbondmedia.com/video/dr-warren-kortz

Dr. David Opperman video : www.robinbondmedia.com/video/dr-david-opperman

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