Online Videos: Are they part of your Corporate Marketing Strategy?

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Online Videos

Online Videos:  Are they part of your Corporate Marketing Strategy?

NOTE:   The following is the first of our new “Online Video Strategy” series, which will offer tips on using online videos on a broader scale, for both short-term and long-term business marketing strategies.  (Part 1 of 3)

Good Corporate Online Videos Can Help a Local Company Go Global. You may not have heard of the Cleveland Clinic.   If you have, it’s probably not as top-of-mind as, say, the Mayo Clinic.  But Cleveland Clinic CMO Paul Matsen was determined to change all that, and online videos were a huge part of his plan.

Matsen’s challenge was significant:  Hospitals are usually a local business, but the Cleveland Clinic is both local and national. “If you have awareness of your hospital, it’s probably your local hospital.”  Add to that the fact that patients in Northeastern Ohio had been bombarded by eight local TV campaigns by rival hospitals in 2012 alone.  AND there was competing marketing coming from regional/national giants the Mayo Clinic and Duke University.

Online Videos Medical Marketing

But take a look at Cleveland Clinic’s YouTube Channel and you’ll see a different story:  over 1100 online videos on their YouTube Channel with a total of 1,923,526 online video views.   (Surgical videos greatly lead the pack.  Check them out at  These days, “Cleveland Clinic is the most visited hospital site in the US,” said Matsen.  More important than views are the bottom-line results:   75,000 internet leads have turned into 6,500 patients in the last 12 months. With one lead coming from China. Obviously, their online videos are paying off, with an overall digital marketing ROI of between 1500% and 2000%. Wow!

To read more about the Cleveland Clinic Story:  To see some of the medical videos and hospital physician online videos created by Robin Bond Media, go to

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