Robin Bond Media is seeing RED along with James Cameron

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James Cameron and Robin Bond Media go for the RED Epic camera in recent groundbreaking video shoots.

When James Cameron and I were having our monthly production chat over coffee in L.A. last month, we both decided it was high time each of us branch out a little and use the Red EPIC camera for the first time — on upcoming shoots we were both planning. James decided he would use the Red EPIC during the deepest ever deepsea dive, to a depth only two humans have been to previously, in a one-person submersible that’s been eight years in the making. James insisted he could select samples on his dive which he believed “could contain exotic species of microbial life forms that could greatly advance the understanding of the ocean.”

I yawned and replied, “Yeah, I just think it’d be cool to use the RED Epic on a corporate shoot.” We both agreed that my motivation was more admirable than his.

Cameron set his EPIC shoot to take place at the bottom of the ocean only hours before he was to attend the premiere of “Titanic 3-D” in London. I trumped him again – in our playful way – by daring to plan MY Red EPIC shoot on a sound stage in Littleton, Colorado, just one week before the premiere of my documentary film “Derby, Baby!” in Atlanta. Again, James and I agreed: I certainly was putting my butt on the line by packing so much high-risk activity into such a short time period. I mean the post-production work flow ALONE was intimidating. James just shook his head in awe.

Of course I jest. Like I had time to have coffee with James Cameron last month? 🙂

James really DID use the Red EPIC camera at the bottom of the ocean last week.
Read more about that at:

And Robin Bond Media DID join the exclusive list of production companies who are going crazy over the RED Epic. Our esteemed peers using the Epic camera include the FX television series “Justified,” and Peter Jackson, who filmed “The Hobbit ” with 30 new RED Epic cameras. Top Directors of Photography everywhere are lauding this camera. It’s the first Digital Still Motion Camera, which means it takes 24 full frames per second at the full 14 megapixel images. So no motion blur, crystal clear image, and amazing clarity that is equivalent to film.

Our tech guys at Robin Bond Media will continue to update and inform us about the benefits of Red camera technology. But for now, I’m content knowing that me and James Cameron agree: The Red EPIC camera just makes pretty pictures.

Check out this video Robin Bond Media shot on the Red Epic for our client LSI:

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