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May 7, 2013 | Comments (0) | | Category: Commercial Marketing with Video

Recently, retail giant JC Penney got a resounding ”Fail” from lots of people.  From customers who hated their new “one low price” policy, to non-customers like me who wondered why their new uber-expensive TV commercials made me want to shop at Target.

Enter their new ad campaign, aka their “We sucked for the last 2 years to the tune of $4 billion but we’ve come to our senses” commercial. Click here to see JC Penny TV Commercial 

Fortunately for JC Penney, the American people love a good redemption story.  We may be quick to judge, and even quicker to add one more blow to a well-deserved black eye.  But we’re also eager to give athletes/actors/ politicians/companies a second chance.  Just look at Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Affleck.  (I know, I know… there’s also Enron, John Edwards and Tom Cruise.)  Here ends my social commentary, so let’s get back to the topic of video.

BP Video Production Denver

The jury is still out on whether JC Penney’s contrite TV commercial will be met with forgiveness or scorn.  Personally, I liked the tone of the JC Penney commercial. It seemed heartfelt, whereas BP’s apology commercials just piss me off.  Every time I see a BP-sponsored “Come to the Gulf” spot I grieve anew for the devastated ecosystem.  And I keep expecting to see a humbled CEO (not a carefully cast “Southern” employee) explain what’s changed about the way they do things.  BP Video:  Click Here for Video 

The king of all apologizing brands of course is Domino’s pizza.  In April 2009 we saw a horrified CEO denouncing a YouTube video featuring two Domino’s employees committing unspeakable crimes against pizza dough. See Dominos apology video here. Then in December of that same year, intoxicated by their own regret, they launched the “Our Pizza Sucks” campaign. See TV Commercial here. 

Dominos Pizza Video

Both of Domino’s apology campaigns were phenomenally successful.  Nonetheless, we believe the Best Apology Video Ever is by Bodyform, who capitalized on the fact that disgruntled customers can now say whatever they want about a brand through social media. CEO Caroline Williams responded to a disgruntled gentleman who claimed he had been duped by the feminine hygiene products company into thinking that women were exceptionally beautiful, happy and athletically inclined during certain times of the month, only to find that, well, you know…  See apology video by Bodyform.

So if your brand has recently taken a beating (is that you, Lance?), we’ll create a rockin’ redemption video for you.  You don’t want to have to apologize for your apology video.  Contact us here

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