Stupid #@%! Our Cute Pets Do

January 31, 2012 | Comments (0) | | Category: Forward This Internet Video and Webisodic Series Marketing with Video On the Set Quote of the Month Video Spotlight

Now Offering: 50% off to any company who will let us do a video for them that either stars Pets, or is Stupid.

While the folks at Robin Bond Media are Way Too Busy making great videos to surf Youtube, we just can’t get enough of the Stupid Videos that land in our inbox. Stupid  #@%! Girls Say, Stupid Stuff Project Managers say. Why it turns out that everybody – from Programmers to Bartenders to New Age Guys in Boulder – says Stupid #@%!. And it’s funny #@%! too. BTW, here’s our new favorite Stupid Video. The best part is that it’s a Stupid Video about a Stupid Video.

See Video:

The other “trending videos” we get sucked into — and this is Nothing New — are videos featuring Cute Animals. Check out this cult classic, for the New York Lottery:

And you better get ready for full-on cute-animal assault during Superbowl 2012:

Yet, for all the Funny-Stupid Videos and Cute-Furry Videos floating around out there racking up a trillion views on Youtube, we at Robin Bond Media have never been asked by a client to produce anything really Stupid or Cute. (Every once in a while we are accidentally Stupid, or we think we are Cute, but those are stories for a different blog.)

So if you’re hip/self-deprecating enough to create a video that makes fun of you, your company or your employees, please call us and we’ll give you half-off. And I’ll bet it will be effective! People love this #@%!.

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