The Story Behind the Story at the Oscars

February 27, 2012 | Comments (0) | | Category: Forward This On the Set Video Spotlight

As we rouse from our Oscar hangover on Monday morning to see our favorite TV reporters still wearing their finery from last night, I’m reminded of just why we love the Oscars so much.

Sure, some look at the Oscars and see a self-adulating circle of The Beautiful People. Whatever — they just don’t get it. For me — and I think for many of us — the Oscars are like the Olympics: for one shiny moment, we get to imagine what it’s like for those winners when for a lifetime of dreams and hard work comes down to a single performance. Or – in the case of the Oscars – a lifetime of dreams and hard work often comes down to a single motion picture. THAT’s the story of the Oscars: hopes, dreams, accomplishment, and success in its many definitions.

Then there is the Story Behind the Story of every film.  I have yet to see Best Picture winner “The Artist.” While I know it’s a story about the silent movie era, I gather that it’s really ambition, dreams and our own mortality. And then there’s the film category that’s so near and dear to my heart, “Documentary.” I shed a single tear last night when Denver’s own Daniel Junge stood up with his partner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to accept the award for Best Documentary Short for “Saving Face.”  The story behind this story is hope, love and humanity.

With documentaries, it’s often easy to spot the Story Behind the Story.  But sometimes it’s not.  Take Robin Bond Media’s forthcoming film “Derby, Baby!” for example. Some may think it’s a film about women’s roller derby.  (Maybe the title threw them off?)  But really, it’s a story about women’s empowerment, friendship, and self-expressionism. It’s about friendship, self-esteem, and a new definition of feminism.

As our merry film crew at Robin Bond Media prepares for the East Coast premier of “Derby, Baby!” at the Atlanta Film Festival, our hope is that viewers will see beyond, “Wow, I never knew that about roller derby,”  and into the greater story about powerful, unapologetic, confident women.

Thank goodness we have the magic of film to tell these stories.

“Derby, Baby!” Trailer:

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