TV Commercials: Top 6 Trends in 2013 Super Bowl TV Commercials: Funnier & More Juvenile than Ever

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TV Commercials: Top 6 Trends in 2013 Super Bowl commercials: Funnier and More Juvenile than Ever

Time for Short Attention Span Theater!  It’s Super Bowl time and that’s one of our favorite times.  Not because of our love of football, but because – like about 40% of the population – we watch the game for the commercials!  According to a new survey, 39% of adults surveyed said the commercials were their favorite part of watching the Super Bowl.  So why is that?  We did a little digging and found that:  (1) many folks feel the commercials are entertainment rather than marketing, and (2) according to the aforementioned survey, they think Super Bowl commercials “are funnier than other spots.”  To read more click on Survey Results.

This shows – once again – that we all love to laugh.

That said, here are the Top 6 Key Trends we’re seeing in the 2013 Super Bowl ads.  Some are similar to last year, some are new:

1. Funny rules.

2. We love animals, babies and space themes.

Some federally-funded study must have proven that we viewers have an affinity for watching babies, animals, and space spoofs.  And there are plenty of these elements in the 2013 Super Bowl TV Commercials!  An Honorary Mention goes to Kia for managing to use all three of these elements in one spot, even throwing in an “Armageddon” scene.  Go Space Babies!  See Kia TV Commercials 

3. Marketing to kids, too.

Not only are advertisers marketing to women; that’s old news.  They figured that out a long time ago (rock on, H&M and David Beckham).  Brands are now entertaining the kids as well!  Granted, kids can’t run out and buy Kia’s, but they CAN encourage their parents to pay attention every time the “Space Babies” TV commercial comes on.  And of course they can consume the crap out of some Doritos.  Hey, make the kids laugh and you’ve got customers for life.  Here’ are  a couple of ads for dads AND their kids:

– NEW Doritos Teddybear Prison Super Bowl TV Commercials 2013

– Fashionista Daddy – Crash the Super Bowl Doritos 2013 TV Commercials

4. Social media stretches advertisers’ bang for the buck.

Last year was the first year that big brands really capitalized on social media and started engaging viewers long before their spots actually aired on TV.  Makes sense.  Combine the funniness factor and the entertainment factor with the fact that MOST viewers are hugging their iPhones and laptops while watching the Super Bowl, and it seems that advertisers just MAY get some ROI on their 4-million-dollars-per-30-second investment after all.

Why just “shoot your load” (as Danny Deutsch said last night on Leno) on one 30-second stint, when you’ve already got a captive audience of folks who can’t WAIT to see how you are going to “up your ante” this year.  We’re talking to you Big Auto, Big Beer, Big Deodorant, and Big Coke.

5.  We STILL love juvenile behavior.

– Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Super Bowl teaser video with Jimmy Cliff…  See  TV Commercials

6. The “Guys are Dumb” theme still rules.

We feel bad for all the heat the Average White Guy gets, but this year’s GoDaddy commercial called “Nagging Wife” was dead on, for this girl:

– GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad: Your Big Idea .co  See TV Commercials.

Way better than the uncreative “sex kitten” commercial they did last year.  (We suspect their customer base must have shifted from 16-year-old boys to adult women.)

So what lesson can we take from this view into the world of corporate and B-to-B marketing videos?  While Robin Bond Media does have one client who did a spinoff on Armageddon for this year’s January sales conference, our video production company has yet to get the chance to put babies and animals in our TV commercials and corporate video productions.  That said, the 2 big takeaways for us corporate marketers, we think, are:  (1) be entertaining… not market-y, and (2) when appropriate, be funny.  As a corollary to Number 2, here’s a Number 3: Hire a Script Writer.  There is nothing unfunnier than funny that misses the mark.

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