TV, Terrorism and Trends We Wish We Didn’t See…

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TV, Terrorism and Trends We Wish We Didn’t See…

TV, Terrorism And Trends We Wish We Didn’t See… Plus the Mysterious “Rule of 3’s”

As a media production company that serves clients in the private and public sector, we at RBM get to learn a new subject area almost every week.  Whether we’re creating video communication tools for high-tech manufacturing, law enforcement, real estate, medical devices, educational technology, or data storage, the projects that come through our doors are often a barometer of what’s going on in the world.  Some universal consciousness sweeps us up, in a wave of news media, Google trends, technological advancements, and world events… subtly driving us toward a common preoccupation, and a common goal.  Some of the “Why” behind this reality is obvious: e.g., the improving U.S. economy and the new calendar year finds us producing Employee Recruiting Videos, New Hire Videos, and Corporate Culture Videos for multiple organizations.  Trends are trends, and this is a positive one.  But the mystery, for me, comes with the fact that these projects and clients often come in three’s.  Whether it’s three clients working in the same subject area, or three clients named some variation of Mary (i.e., clients named Marissa, Marianne, and Marisol all showed up in the same week), the Rule of Three is a very big thing at Robin Bond Media.

Rule of 3's

Rule of 3’s

Three of our most recent video productions are very much tied to what is going on right now around the world:  terrorism, human trafficking, and threats to security and finances.  We were proud to produce this video project for educational client Deltak / Wiley, which is promoting the M.S. in Criminology program at Regis University in Colorado (  The Deltak journey gave me personally the chance to interview Criminology students and grads about WHY they are compelled to pursue this field of study.  We learned that:  (1) it’s primarily women seeking these advanced degrees in Criminology today; (2) the career pursuits of today’s Criminology students are very different from years past; and (3) recent world events and technological advances will continue to increase the demand for Criminology experts.  In a world where no financial transaction is truly secure, no at-risk population is free from the threat of human trafficking, and (seemingly), no geographical region is free from the threat of terrorism, the demand for these professionals will continue to skyrocket.

Cyber Crime and Terrorism

CSI Class on Cyber Crime and Terrorism

As we dug into a video interview with one Criminology grad who is now a Death Investigator (we’ll call her Liz), we learned that her cases always come in three’s.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon at Regis University when we interviewed Liz, and she had just come off a week of receiving two teenage suicide victims in the Coroner’s Office where she works.  Two females, both suicides by hanging.  She’s been doing this for years, she said, and these cases always come in three’s:  three murders, three domestic violence deaths, three suicides.  Which meant her office was bracing to receive a third teenage suicide-by-hanging in the upcoming week, most likely from the same school district.  And she, personally, was preparing to meet another bereaved family who couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.  It’s hard for me to imagine spending a day in Liz’s world, but one thing is for sure:  we NEED people like Liz.  Educated, compassionate, committed professionals who treat life and death with the dignity it deserves, and who respect the loved ones of society’s most vulnerable victims.

Suddenly, with our new enlightenment, we at Robin Bond Media become activists, drinkers of the KoolAid.  This is no longer just a work-for-hire video gig for us.  It’s a mission:  We NEED criminologists.  We NEED specialists in emergency preparedness, forensic investigation, security force training.  In RBM’s own World of Three’s, the Regis University video was our third client within a few short weeks that dealt with terrorism and security threats.  The first came with Verint, a maker of surveillance cameras and equipment for large public-venue security teams (, and the second, with this promotional video for a Navy Seals-led course for partner nations who are fighting human trafficking, piracy and drug trafficking on the open water:

At RBM, we are so fortunate to be able to participate in these worthy causes, and we optimistically count on the duality of the universe to balance out the good news with the bad:  the Yin and the Yang, the shadows that can’t happen without the light.  Whether your message is heavy or light-hearted, we’re glad to help you spread the word, through video, social media, etc. (

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