A Good Story is a Good Story.

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Mary Lou RettonRecently a marketing intern asked me:  What is the niche for Robin Bond Media?

A valid question, considering this particular intern saw us shoot a sleep device video, a political commercial, and a documentary about women’s roller derby. All in the same month.

That got me thinking, and the answer was simple: A Good Story is a Good Story. Sure, there are vertical industries where Robin Bond Media has spent more time, medical videos being one. But at the end of the day, all of these videos have the same key components.

First, they always start with someone who is passionate about what they do. Let’s take David Baker, the inventor of SleepImage. The importance of his sleep measurement device, to sleep-deprived patients and physicians everywhere, is monumental. 62% of the U.S. suffers sleep issues at least a few times a week. Yikes! And David tells the story with such conviction and passion, that there is instant credibility – for him, his invention, and the important need it fills.

And then there’s the story of “The Perfect Ten” with gold medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFKCFvZDs3A&feature=plcp We can’t claim too much credit for this one. It’s just a great story, and Mary Lou is a captivating story teller.

Here are the Top 6 Rules for all the Good Stories we tell:

  1. Start with a Passionate Person.  Someone one who is passionate about their story, their product, their service, or their cause.
  2. Inspire, don’t insult. The audience is smart, and it’s our job as video makers to INSPIRE.
  3. Make the complex simple.  Your audience is smart, but they’re distracted.  Even the most creative of videos will be lucky to leave the viewer with 1-2 message points they can recall after viewing.
  4. Make the long story.. short!  We take the long, detailed story and make it over it for today’s 90-seconds-or-less audience.
  5. Use a tagline.  This aids Big-Time in viewer recall.  Here are a few examples, from our archives and some all-time classics.

– Rodney Strong Vineyards… Place Matters.

– Derby Baby.. A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash

– Verona Living.. Walk Amongst Nature

– Nike … Just do it.

6. Create emotion in the viewer.  Good filmmaking moves hearts and    minds.

And if it’s not a good story, we’ll make it a good story!  Every endeavor worth doing, every production worth making.. has a story somewhere.  We’ll help you find yours!

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