Video Campaign by Kmart: Funny and Fresh, or Crass and Cliched?

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Video Campaign by Kmart: Funny and Fresh, or Crass and Cliched?

In the wake of corporate apology videos and companies taking themselves way too seriously, it’s nice to see that Kmart is trying a little humor to get audience attention. If you haven’t seen it, here’s Kmart’s new “Big Gas Savings” video, which has received over 4 million views since it premiered recently: Kmart Video Campaign

Arguments abound as to whether using vulgarity to drive YouTube views is smart and savvy, or tired and immature.


– USA Today Article:  “Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ ad causes shockwaves and smiles”

– Ad Age / agency news:  “Kmart Continues the Puns With its ‘Big Gas’ Promotion”

If you’re following the TV commercial campaign’s evolution you’ll see the same characters extolling the cost incentives of shopping at Kmart.  And since the 2nd spot, “Big Gas Savings” was released, Spot #1 “Ship My Pants” has added another 1 million views. See Ship My Pants Video Ad on YouTube

Using vulgarity to create shock value in television isn’t a new idea, but I personally enjoyed the Kmart spin.  And certainly the kids are loving it. I think I find it amusing, not because of the swearing, but because of Kmart’s surprising awareness of how their target audience might talk to one another.  (Or maybe that’s just my family?)

Whether you agree or not with George Carlin’s assertion that swearing is funny, you can’t argue with success.  How many video campaigns can say they got over 22 million views on YouTube in just a few weeks?

Video Campaign

George Carlin Seven Dirty Words

I’m not sure what this says about Kmart’s target market, or about me for that matter, but it still makes the 6-year-old boy in me giggle.  What do you think?  Is it ok to verge on vulgar to gain YouTube views?  Would love to hear your thoughts before Robin Bond Media launches our own Video Campaign:  “F#&*!%-Awesome Story.  Well Told.”

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