3 Communication Elements Make for Great Video

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3 Communication Elements Make for Great Video

The Three Elements of Great Communication also Make for Great Video 

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”  We’ve all heard that quote by an Irish chap named Edmund Burke.

The history of our ancestors, our nation, and even the etiology of specific diseases helps us understand the present and prepare for the future.

For the past three weeks, hundreds of high school students in Colorado have taken to the streets in protest to preserve their right to learn American History exactly as it occurred.

Holding signs that read “It’s our history, don’t make it a mystery” –  kids from the Jefferson County School District made sure policy makers, parents, and the school board heard their message loud and clear: Don’t sugarcoat our nation’s dark ages of civil disorder and social strife.  They want the curriculum given to them straight – no chaser.

Video Jeffco Protestors

Protestors hold signs saying “Don’t make history a mystery”

Just as these students took action to show people they were serious about what they believed; the entrepreneurs behind ChronoScribe (an educational technology startup) enlisted Robin Bond Media to craft a video to show their shared passion for history in an effort to launch their forward-thinking concept.

Conveyed with the prowess of a true Greek philosopher, the video nails the modes of persuasion; appealing to:

  1. Ethos.  As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing”.  Within the first few minutes of “The Future of History”, luminary filmmaker, Ken Burns is introduced to the audience.  Deemed the most influential documentary maker of all time; his presence alone provides the credibility the ChronoScribe model needs to influence the audience to believe in the prototype.  People recognize Mr. Burns as both a respected scholar and historian.  One couldn’t ask for a better public figure to champion such a project.
  2. Pathos.  We all desire to know from whence we came and the ChronoScribe founders are passionate about facilitating the process. The commentary in the video speaks to the audience’s “right to know” historical information. During the video, the founders reveal that learning shouldn’t be a privilege afforded to those with affluence.  Now that’s a powerful statement that creates a strong emotional connection with viewers.
  3. Logos – The ChronoScribe concept is innovative…not everybody is doing what these pioneers have contrived.  In order to get people on board with their vision, it had to make logical sense. Prospective investors must first understand and then believe in what is being proposed…appealing to their sense of reason.  In this scenario, logos is reinforced by showing the audience a strategic approach to acquiring fact-based data in a society overwhelmed with information.

Do you have an innovative video concept?  Want to make sure you’re video is effectively communicating to your target audience?  Let the experts at Robin Bond Media help you tell the story and show the world your vison.

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