Video Interview with Meryl Davis and Charlie White: Chasing Stars

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Video Interview with Meryl Davis and Charlie White: Chasing Stars

Catching up with Meryl Davis and Charlie White for our video interview wasn’t easy.  While we’ve been blessed for the past couple of Olympic Games to be “assigned” top-seeded Olympic hopefuls, the reality is… once athletes “go Gold” in the Olympics, they’re harder to catch (for a follow-up story) than a shooting star.   The stakes and the rewards are high:  The stakes are high for our modest video production team finding ourselves in the media line behind the likes of The Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White Video Interview

Meryl Davis and Charlie White Video Interview

And the rewards for being a Gold medalist are higher than ever.  Sure there is the traditional Wheaties box and the requisite commercial sponsorships.  But now, the athletes’ rewards for Gold-medaldom have multiplied, as has our video crew’s challenge to catch and interview them, post-gold-medal.

Meryl Davis & Charlie White on The Colbert Report w/ Stephen Colbert

Meryl Davis & Charlie White on The Colbert Report w/ Stephen Colbert

Such was the case with Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  When we first met them for their first video interview last summer they were already Silver medalists from the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.  Yet, it seemed the sport of ice dancing was still not fully understood nor fully embraced by the mainstream.  Enter reality television and Dancing with the Stars, where Davis and White are now causing a stir not only by competing against each other, but through the public’s never-ending fascination with the skaters’ personal lives, both on and off the ice.  Enter more primetime network TV talk shows than ever.  Enter comedy – a la Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert.  Which by the way, if you haven’t seen this 5-minute segment between Colbert and the famous ice duo – watch it now.  It’s funny stuff, and it only furthered endeared them in my own heart.  See the Colbert Report Video Interview w/Stephen Colbert.

Ron Patrick w/Robin Bond Media

Charlie White, Robin Bond, Meryl Davis & Ron Patrick

So.. (we’re burying the lead here) after much ado, our RBM video production crew of Dave Wruck, Ron Patrick and me (Robin) tracked down Meryl and Charlie in Ft Myers, Florida – literally staging our video interview between a grueling practice for Stars on Ice 2014 (the U.S. tour opens April 4 in Ft. Myers, FL) and a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal.  When their intense Stars on Ice  rehearsal ran long — it was the last rehearsal before the tour opens — both RBM and the camera crew from Extra TV squished our long lists of video interview questions into 15- minute time slots respectively.  Fortunately for us, Meryl and Charlie are pros; aside from Mary Lou Retton, they are probably the MOST POISED and polished interview subjects we’ve EVER worked with, and every bit of our 15 minutes with them was video-series gold (IMHO).  Stay tuned for the wrap-up episode, now featured on the TeamUSA YouTube Channel .

And make sure to catch the first 4 videos in the series on TeamUSA, which we’re now calling “Before They Struck Gold.”

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Oh yeah.. (we’re burying the close here), because of our lightening-fast interview, we were able to make it over the bridge just in time to see the Florida sun disappear into the Gulf.

Sanibel Bridge Sunset in Florida

Sanibel Bridge Sunset in Florida

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