Video: Is it in your Marketing Budget for 2013?

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Video: Is it in your 2013 Marketing Budget?  If not, you may want to look at what your competitors are doing and then consider what they might be doing in 2013 to outshine you!

Hear what the experts say: “More than 50% [of marketers] said the level of resources devoted to online videos is expected to increase significantly during the next few years.”  – Acsys Interactive “Video will soon be 90% of Internet traffic.”  – Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s VP  of Global Content

The good news is:

  1. Considering the newest Online video is now driving SEO faster than any other type of content, means you don’t have to break the bank to get the competitive advantage video can offer.
  2. Online video is now driving SEO faster than any other type of content.


Need more evidence to convince the CEO to jump into video? 

  • “70 % of all videos sent through the mail are watched.”  – IRMA
  • “One page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one result on Google.”  – Forrester
  • “The media tool deemed most effective is online videos, with 12.9% of respondents saying they are extremely effective and 33.7% saying they are very effective.”  – Acsys Interactive
  • “Response rates generated with video are 60 to 700% greater than traditional direct mail.”  – IRMA
  • “52% of B2B marketers use video as part of their content marketing mix.”  – Smart Insights
  • “Web surfers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who don’t watch videos.” – Internet Retailer
  • “Retailers with videos on their site increase conversion by 30%.”  – L2 Specialty Retail Reporter
  • “Over 90% of shoppers surveyed found video useful in making purchase decisions.” – Internet Retailer    


A few more stats from IRMA, the International Recording Media Association:

  • “The cost of creating and mailing a 10-minute video is considerably less than creating and mailing a 50-page, four-color catalog.”
  • “There is a 50% increase in viewers’ memory/recall of info shown on video vs. print.”
  • “The success in convincing a potential buyer to order the product or service after they play a video is an average of 23% (Nearly 1 out of 5). In some cases the conversion rates are above 35%.”
  • “Response rates generated are 60 to 700% greater than traditional direct mail.”
  • “Traditional direct mail generates an average of ó to 2%, with video hitting in the range of 3 to18%!! ”

A final point:  Even though you can now make a compelling video with a smaller budget, you shouldn’t skimp on story.  Whether you’ve got the budget of a Superbowl commercial or a home video, the key to moving your viewers is still  A Good Story… Well Told.

Don’t be outdone by your competitors! Give us a call for ideas on maximizing your video ROI.

In closing, enjoy this video by one of the most forward thinking brands we’ve seen.  With more than 20 million views to date!   “A Day Made of Glass… Made possible by Corning”  :  Click here to see Video.

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