Video Production Lessons We’ve Learned From Our Smart B2B Clients

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Video Production Lessons We’ve Learned From Our Smart B2B Clients  –  Robin Bond Media has been doing this video production thing for a while now.  (One of my first video production jobs was working for the video production company that did the SaladShooter commercials, for gosh sakes.)  But sometimes our clients help to open our eyes to new ways of doing things, by sharing with us their unique business challenges.

Here are 2 fresh examples, from our past week in B2B video production

 1. OpSec Security “Meet the CEO” video: We like this CEO, and we like their business.  And we think that’s a pretty good gauge of how OpSec’s viewers will feel about Mark Turnage and his company, OpSec Security.  The target audience for OpSec’s web video is their potential clients: governments and big brands who need to protect themselves from counterfeiters.  (What a fascinating industry.. we had no idea!) See OpSec’s Web Video Production.

Promotional Video Production

Like all of our clients – and like Robin Bond Media – OpSec needed to be judicious with how they spent their video marketing dollars.  Their budget needed to:

  • buy a video with a long shelf life
  • reach their customer intellectually, emotionally, and..
  • give OpSec the most bang for the buck.

After talking with their Head of Global Marketing, we decided that a half-day video shoot with their CEO could be accomplished efficiently, and that we would use the remainder of their shoot time to film timely, information-packed video blogs that answered FAQs for their target audience.  Through our keen directing prowess and a stealthy film crew worthy of a military operation, we ended up delivering 5 high quality video blogs that needed very little editing.  So far, we think OpSec leads the pack in getting lots of bang for their buck!

 2. LSI Corporation  “VDI Trade Show Videos” : LSI is a leading storage technology company that needed trade show promotional videos to demonstrate the superior speed and performance of their VDI product compared with the other leading product on the market.  (VDI stands for Virtual Desktop infrastructure, duh 🙂 See LSI’s Trade Show Video Production

LSI Video Production Denver Promotional Video

The goal of LSI’s product is to enable many users to access their work tasks and become productive in the least amount of time.  Robin Bond Media created an animated “race” which included the emotional reactions of users as they logged on — or didn’t log on — during these lightning-fast promotional videos that spanned all of 45 seconds.  Between the “race” theme, the quickly appearing and disappearing faces of happy and unhappy “users,” and rapidly appearing text to enforce key features and benefits, it feels like kind of a blur if you’re not paying attention.  And it’s a little too fast even if you ARE paying attention.

HOWEVER, being the seasoned, smart trade show marketers that they are, LSI enlightened us by explaining that they wanted trade show goers to NOT get it the first time.  That way they had to stop at the LSI trade show booth and watch the promotional video again and again, until they got it.  Brilliant:  How many times have you done that with a TV commercial?  The first time you see it, you catch the end of it.  The 2nd time you see it, you hear the music and turn to see the whole commercial.  But you miss what product the TV commercial was selling.  The 3rd time the TV commercial comes on… now you get the whole thing.  The 4th time you see (or hear) it, you might even remember what product the commercial is selling, before the commercial ends.

Repetitive redundancy works.  (We hope… our client’s trade show is going on today, so hopefully we didn’t jinx it.)

The moral of this story is this:  YOU know your customer.  WE know video production.  Come to us with your industry expertise and unique business challenges.  Together, let’s create the perfect video – or VIDEOS –  that will get you the furthest, with the highest quality messaging, for the best value around.  We’re listening…




The Denver video production specialists at Robin Bond Media create quality web video &  TV Commercials in all formats. We work with complex productions of all kinds; reaching diverse audiences with a blend of emotion, data and appeal only possible with video. Whether your business goal is to effectively persuade, sell, train, motivate, inspire or influence.., our experience producing TV commercials and business-to-business videos can deliver your company the success and effective response you need.  In addition to corporate video productions, our branded entertainment group can create compelling documentary film and award-winning television programs for specific niche audiences worldwide.

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