Video and YouTube Channels: Why Viewers and Subscribers Matter to Your Bottom Line

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Video of Team USA

Video and YouTube Channels:

Why  Viewers and Subscribers Matter to Your Bottom Line

Video and YouTube Channels: The work of Robin Bond Media earned Team USA almost 900,000 video views on their YouTube Channel, further deepening the connection between the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams and their fans. The goal of the Team USA YouTube Channel when it launched in early 2012 was to earn subscribers, and that it did. 43,800 Subscribers, each of whom sees an update and a new screenshot every time Team USA posts a new video YouTube.  That’s pretty beneficial to a non-profit organization like Team USA that is driven by fans and sponsors.

1. What is the value of YouTube Video Subscribers to your organization’s bottom line?

First, every business, non-profit and government agency can benefit from having Brand Loyalists, and that’s what you’re fostering every time a viewer sees your logo and message on your YouTube video or YouTube channel.  Second, each new video you post on YouTube has the potential to be a TV commercial that reaches your specific audience the minute it goes live.

2. How do you get viewers to want to subscribe to your YouTube Channel?

A YouTube channel like Team USA has value to its viewers because it’s essentially a sports TV channel.  It offers entertainment, sports programming and news, human interest stories, and current events. But what is your channel offering to potential subscribers?  THE HOPE is that there are rabid fans who want to see the fresh new video content you put out on a regular basis.  (If you don’t have that consistent, fresh new content, call Robin Bond Media. )

3. Why would anybody subscribe who does not have a need for your product or service at this moment?

First, your colleagues, clients and competitors want to see what you’re doing. Subscribers get notified every time a new video goes up on the YouTube channel, so it’s a great way to keep up on what colleagues and competitors are doing.

The more important draw, however, is that you consistently put out information that viewers find extremely useful and informative (see #2 above), and they will hold onto this information should they ever need it.  What content could possibly be so compelling, you ask?:

  • Educational content about your industry
  • Human interest or features stories related to your industry OR audience demographic
  • Short video profiles of folks at your organization
  • Anything funny
  • Any information that is unique and unavailable anywhere else!

4. How do you get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel?

Within your videos AND on your YouTube channel, you must ask them, remind them, and then remind them again.  Check out the tasteful – and effective – Calls to Action in one of these Team USA YouTube videos: See Team USA YouTube videos

And of course, create great educational content that people want and need to know. Consistently, and as frequently as possible.  On that note, check out this latest installment for the Team USA YouTube Channel.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the Robin Bond Media YouTube channel.

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