VOTE – It’s the Ultimate Call to Action.

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VOTE – It’s the ultimate Call to Action. Unless you’re trapped under something heavy, you are probably fully aware that it’s time to vote in the 2012 presidential election. Whether it’s shiny-faced volunteers visiting your house, or large direct-mail cards that scream DON’T FORGET TO VOTE, it’s a Call to Action that’s hard to miss.  As consumers, or in this case VOTERS, we rarely get to be targeted by this level of aggressive marketing! (With the exception of Target, who is determined to piss me off by asking me in early October if I’m ready for Christmas.)

In the world of marketing and advertising, the Call to Action is an explicit statement directing the viewer to undertake a specific activity.  In the world of YouTube videos, where Robin Bond Media often posts Business-to-Business videos, the Call to Action is typically less aggressive; a business typically asks the viewer for click-able actions like:

While current data on the response rate using the above CTAs has been difficult to track, we do have reports stating:

– “Marketers who send video emails report an average a 21% unique click-through rate.”

while comparatively…

– “Old-fashioned direct mail has a current response rate of 1.28% when directed to the general public or a prospect list.” 

Why does the effectiveness of the written word pail in comparison to video?  Probably because according to another report (I swear I have references for all of this):

– “One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” 

So.. if you’re one of the “general public” who has become desensitized by mailers telling you DON’T FORGET TO VOTE, watch just one minute of this video and let’s just see what happens.

Check out the people who are spreading Rock the Vote’s “We Will” message this election season. Watch this video then register to vote at

In closing, I have just one last Call to Action:  Be heard this November… and VOTE!



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