“We hired a filmmaker to document our company’s every move”

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“We hired a filmmaker to document our company’s every move”

When our tribe at Robin Bond Media started making videos years ago, we KNEW that video had the ability to influence hearts and minds in a way that text just CAN’T.  So we sunk our eggs into the video basket, knowing the day would come when every business would need a video on their home page.

Remember 15 or so years ago when every business figured out they needed a web site?  It’s kind of like that.  If you don’t have a video playing on your site, you’re missing a BIG opportunity to get your audience emotionally involved with your brand.  Sure, good products and service matter, but stories are what connect people with companies.

Here’s the story of a software company in Chicago who hired a full-time filmmaker to cover the stories happening at their company every day: www.inc.com/magazine/201111/jason-fried-on-telling-your-companys-story-on-film.html

Not everyone can hire a full-time filmmaker (if they DID, it would put us out of business), but why not start with one short video — all about you?

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