World Cup Biting, F-yous and Other Acts of Sportsmanship

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World Cup Biting, F-Yous and Other Acts of Sportsmanship

Recent events during World Cup Soccer have brought back fond memories for me.  Things I haven’t thought about in years:  Both my kids were biters when they were babies.


I’m not proud of that.  Sweet little girls, the both of them.  But put a slower, less agile baby in the way of the toybox, and it was every baby for himself.


They’re teenagers now, and no longer biters I’m proud to say.  And they’ve faced some pretty adversarial situations over the years:  competitive kids’ sports, mean girls at school, and god-awful Dance Moms.  Hell, I wanted to bite some of the Dance Moms myself.

So I get it.  Whether you’re fighting for the soccer ball in a World Cup game, or the Fisher Price telephone in the nursery, it’s easy to lose your head in the heat of battle.  So I’m not judging Uruguay’s Luis Suarez for his (latest) biting incident.  As he and his teammates said, “These are things that happen.”  I can just picture Baby Luis biting every other baby in the nursery, and his mom calling the other parents saying, “These are things that happen in the nursery.  Both babies went for the Push Corn Popper.  We don’t have to to give this so much importance.”  And a lifelong biter is born.

But seriously, how did sports get so ugly?  This isn’t a new thing.  20 years ago exactly, sports fans everywhere were horrified when figure skater Tonya Harding hired a hit on Nancy Kerrigan’s knee.  Since then it’s been story after story of bad sportsmanship, ranging from betting scandals to athletes doping.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful non-profit out there working to clean up sports for the athletes of tomorrow!, a subset of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), is combatting the “win at all cost” attitude on a grassroots-level, and we’re proud to say they are one of Robin Bond Media’s esteemed clients.  Armed with the TrueSport video series that RBM produced recently, TrueSport has developed a “Good Sportsmanship” curriculum that is being implemented at summer sports camps around the country.  Kids age 10-18 get to learn from top athletes — who appear at the camps either in-person and/or in video form — about the perils of bad behaviors and the rewards of being a good sport.  Olympic athletes including Olympic Bobsledder Steve Messler, Swimmer Peter Vanderkaay, Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, Track & Field Medalist DeeDee Trotter, and Fencer Jimmy Moody share stories from their own sports careers.  Here’s one of the videos from our 15-part series for TrueSport. See Video

So don’t worry FIFA, World Cup fans, and Mrs. Suarez:  After Sunday, July 13, Luis Suarez still has time to make it to a summer sports camp:)

If you need to tell a cautionary tale, stop a bad trend, or teach your audience better manners, please contact us at Robin Bond Media: 

We’ll help you create videos that will evangelize, educate, and entertain. 


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