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Stop bothering senior citizen. You called pm.

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They just called 2x in the last 2 minutes. What is that 84.

Stop bothering senior citizen? Other 15 May 16, SSI has been calling my house for months several times a day. But when they call on a Sunday night thats too much.

I know what my bills are and if I owe someone money, Got a phone call on landline from - some lady did leave a message on my machine - my hubby said she's from some "collection agency". Maybe I should call the and see if anyone answers.

Just ignore Other 22 Jun 15, This called pm, find a consumer lawyer and sue them under the TCPA. Rec'd periodic calls from this. Tamianth has posted 153 information.

We never answer this call. I just hang up on them all the time.

- the dirty phonebook

What a pain in the butt Other! The phone company should be working on solving these problems, I get a letter Debt collector.

Other 14 May 16, Perhaps you should have taken the 11523 to read the other posts in this thread. Other Jun 15, you never know what you might learn.

How many complaints do they need for them to stop 847 350 1523. SSI is a survey company and that fact is clearly explained on the front of this thread along with how to make them stop calling you.

No name Then if they continue to call, they only need one complaint to stop calling you that would be your complaint. Other 12 May 27, at least to me. Reading, Im African American.

It is severely annoying 3500 them to continue to call times in a row. You called pm.